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We focus on sectors, where we can add value

We bring 25 years of extensive industry experience, a collaborative mindset and a structured value creation framework to our investments. We mainly focus on four sectors: Industrials, Technology, Consumer goods, Healthcare.

Gubi furniture
Consumer goods

We look to partner with

High quality companies in the Nordic region
Companies with a substantial value creation potential
Motivated and skilled management
Families and entrepreneurs

We apply a proven value creation model

Funding alone won’t make a company successful. Our value creation model is optimised for success, enhancing the odds for success for every investment we make.

AXCELerating Value Creation

Axcel creates Nordic, European and global market leaders with our active industrial ownership style and systematic operational improvement programme.  

We create value based on early involvement and close-knit relationships with companies. Over the years, we have developed a proprietary AXCELerating Value Creation playbook (AVC), along with a robust governance model and comprehensive operational review process. Our systematic approach allows us to align with management and focus on growth in every one of our partnerships.  

Our AVC playbook

Based on 25 years of experience, our proprietary AVC playbook lets us concentrate on what’s important: creating value. Anchored within the management team, the company board and Axcel, AVC identifies and priorities initiatives that will drive value creation.  

With AVC, we apply a holistic view to value creation, centred around five distinct perspectives: 

1. Winning strategy

Choosing where to play and how to win

2. Capturing value

Focusing on key tangible initiatives to improve the current business

3. Streamlining processes

The core processes that must be in place to improve performance

4. Active M&A

Acting as our companies' extended M&A function allows management to focus on growing their core business

5. Engaging great people

Great people are critical to the success of any company, which is why we are dedicated to the development of our management teams

We leverage our strong Nordic network

Over the years, Axcel has built a strong and supportive network in the Nordic region. We draw on our highly experienced network of senior managers and professional board members to improve our investment process and to support the value creation in our companies.

We apply a structured approach

A place for everything and everything in its place: We make the most of our expertise with structured processes in key areas like investment process, value creation, performance monitoring and portfolio risk management. These processes ensure thorough due diligence, rigorous follow-up and structured risk management to deliver a successful transformation of our companies.

We believe in working together

We create value by working together. As active owners, we work with a high sense of urgency and are always looking for ways to improve our companies and get very involved in the decision-making processes of our companies.

We are represented on the board and appoint independent professional board members to supervise and accelerate the development of our companies and to contribute with industrial expertise and management experience.

Our companies

Currently accelerating growth in 18 companies